How to apply for a Taiwan Medical Visa

Since November 1, 2017, Filipinos have been able to enter Taiwan visa-free but the you can’t stay more than 14 days. Back in 2016, when we actually went to Taiwan a total of 4x, we just used our US Visas to enter Taiwan visa-free and we were allowed to stay for 30 days. This means we didn’t have to get or pay for a Taiwan visa. Unfortunately, for those who are planning to go to Taiwan for IVF, the only option is to get a visa. We recently had to get our Taiwan visas and just wanted to share the documents we prepared.

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Things to consider before undergoing IVF in Taiwan

It has been almost a month since our baby Hiro celebrated his 1st year birthday. He is now officially a toddler and can now express his likes and dislikes. I thought it would be a hard 1st year for us especially with us not having a “yaya.” He is relatively healthy (except for some bouts of diarrhea) and is usually happy. He eats well and … Continue reading Things to consider before undergoing IVF in Taiwan

2018 Mackay Memorial Hospital Reunion

I got an email from Mackay Memorial Hospital inviting me to their reunion on August 11, 2018, 1-5PM in Edsa Shangri-la. Although our IVF cycle in Mackay ended in a blighted ovum, there are still a lot of Filipinos who got successful results in Mackay. Anyone interested about IVF in Mackay can attend. This is a great opportunity to find out more about the process … Continue reading 2018 Mackay Memorial Hospital Reunion

Why I had my IVF in Taiwan and not in the Philippines

Written by Sansan. Blog entry is first written on March 3, 2017. You can find the blog at


It’s always a hard thing to leave our comfort zone. At least that’s what I felt when we decided to do our IVF in Taiwan. It was especially hard since my OB-Gyne here in Manila is just the nicest, sweetest person. She also does IVF in St. Lukes QC or BGC. The cost is not that much different if you compare having it done in Manila or in Taiwan. Actually, it’s a lot cheaper in Taiwan. But taking into consideration the cost of staying at a hotel/airbnb, airfare and food, It would say it’s about the same.

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IVF in Taiwan or Philippines?

Originally written on July 16, 2016 by Archie. You can find the blog at

It was 7 and a half years ago when we first said our I dos. We were greeted with warm smiles, congratulations and of course exuberant wishes of having babies. I thought we would immediately have one after a year or two, but after 7 years, we’re still waiting. Continue reading “IVF in Taiwan or Philippines?”