How much does IVF cost in Taiwan? (Part 2 – Frozen Embryo Transfer)

We were asked to come back on the 11th day of my period during our FET but I also had to take Estrade (Estradiol Valerate) since Day 3 and I brought those with me back to the Philippines from my egg retrieval cycle. It was pretty straightforward and they will give you a chart showing how many you should take per day starting Day 3. Continue reading “How much does IVF cost in Taiwan? (Part 2 – Frozen Embryo Transfer)”

Things to consider before undergoing IVF in Taiwan

It has been almost a month since our baby Hiro celebrated his 1st year birthday. He is now officially a toddler and can now express his likes and dislikes. I thought it would be a hard 1st year for us especially with us not having a “yaya.” He is relatively healthy (except for some bouts of diarrhea) and is usually happy. He eats well and … Continue reading Things to consider before undergoing IVF in Taiwan

How to lose weight without really trying?

Being overweight affects fertility due to hormonal changes inside the body. For women, being overweight lets your body (adipose tissue) produce more estrogen, which prevents regular ovulation. It also increases your chance of being insulin resistant. Having a high level of insulin in the blood can cause metabolic disturbances that also affect fertility.¹  Continue reading “How to lose weight without really trying?”

Where to stay in Taichung?

written by Sansan

When I first emailed Lee Women’s Hospital, they replied and sent me a list of hotels where their foreign patients usually stay. We were fortunate enough to visit Lee Women’s Hospital with my in-laws a few months before we were to have our IVF cycle and my father in law asked around as to where the best place to stay is and Lai Lai Hotel was mentioned a lot. Continue reading “Where to stay in Taichung?”

Why I had my IVF in Taiwan and not in the Philippines

Written by Sansan. Blog entry is first written on March 3, 2017. You can find the blog at


It’s always a hard thing to leave our comfort zone. At least that’s what I felt when we decided to do our IVF in Taiwan. It was especially hard since my OB-Gyne here in Manila is just the nicest, sweetest person. She also does IVF in St. Lukes QC or BGC. The cost is not that much different if you compare having it done in Manila or in Taiwan. Actually, it’s a lot cheaper in Taiwan. But taking into consideration the cost of staying at a hotel/airbnb, airfare and food, It would say it’s about the same.

Continue reading “Why I had my IVF in Taiwan and not in the Philippines”

IVF in Taiwan or Philippines?

Originally written on July 16, 2016 by Archie. You can find the blog at

It was 7 and a half years ago when we first said our I dos. We were greeted with warm smiles, congratulations and of course exuberant wishes of having babies. I thought we would immediately have one after a year or two, but after 7 years, we’re still waiting. Continue reading “IVF in Taiwan or Philippines?”