Attack of the Measles (Filipino Podcast)

We talked about measles and how we feel about people who refuse to vaccinate their children. We did the podcast in a coffeeshop and we’re sorry for the bad audio. Please let me know what you think by sending us a message through our facebook fan page πŸ™‚ Please click this link for our podcast. You can also listen at Apple Podcast, Spotify or any … Continue reading Attack of the Measles (Filipino Podcast)

How much does IVF cost in Taiwan? (Part 2 – Frozen Embryo Transfer)

We were asked to come back on the 11th day of my period during our FET but I also had to take Estrade (Estradiol Valerate) since Day 3 and I brought those with me back to the Philippines from my egg retrieval cycle. It was pretty straightforward and they will give you a chart showing how many you should take per day starting Day 3. Continue reading “How much does IVF cost in Taiwan? (Part 2 – Frozen Embryo Transfer)”

My Second FET Experience

I was asked to come to the hospital at 8AM on the day of my scheduled frozen embryo transfer. I wasn’t required to do any fasting since they will not be administering anesthesia for the transfer so that’s a relief. I paid for the procedure, had my ultrasound done, and I was told that my uterine lining was good. I noticed on the screen that it was 0.98mm, which is great since it had to be greater than 0.8mm for best results. I then had my injections, Crinone gel, other meds and was told I had to wait 30 minutes before having my blood test. After 30 minutes, I had my blood drawn and I waited for my turn. We must have been waiting around an hour before I was finally called. I was led to a room where I remember getting a massage during my very first FET but noticed that some of the tools for the FET were in that room. I think to myself, “Darn, I should’ve brought my phone huhu.”Β  Continue reading “My Second FET Experience”

A Beautiful Reminder

Deciding to undergo IVF is not easy. In fact, I personally found it hard to accept that we had a huge infertility problem. I tried to convince myself that I could get pregnant naturally even after being married for 5 years. But I knew at the back of my mind that I had to do something drastic. I couldn’t just sit around while my biological clock was ticking. I think the 5 year mark really pushed us to finally do IVF, and turning 30. Continue reading “A Beautiful Reminder”