Marijuana and Higher Sperm Count

In the Philippines, smoking cannabis or more locally known as marijuana is illegal and you can be imprisoned for life or worst, be killed by overzealous policemen. It has also been demonized in the media and it is seen to be the scourge of the Filipino youth.

I personally haven’t taken cannabis so I can’t really say if it is good or bad. According to its proponents, there are a lot of health benefits in smoking cannabis especially for alleviating pain. There are some who will argue that it leads to mental health problems, lung cancer or even testicular cancer. There are studies that say that it affects male fertility or sperm count but according to the latest study by Harvard University researchers, the concentration and count of sperm is higher for Marijuana users than non users.

There are many caveats in this study but it would be interesting to know if it will actually work for men who have fertility problems. For more info about the study, please check the links below

NY Post
Surprising study finds that marijuana use may not hurt male fertility

Cannabis Smoking Associated With Higher Sperm Count, Study Finds


Featured Photo by Roberto Valdivia on Unsplash

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