Pregnancy Test Result

Sorry I haven’t update our blog in a while. It’s just been crazy with the holidays and all, but I just wanted to update this blog about our recent transfer.

The day finally came when we’re supposed to do a pregnancy test. I was really nervous because I didn’t feel any early pregnancy symptoms. I remember during my first two pregnancies, my boobs had become really sore before my pregnancy test. They asked me to pee in a cup and you have to submit your urine sample to the lab on the second floor, and will ask you to wait for a few minutes.

My pregnancy test came back positive but the pregnancy test had a very faint line, unlike my pregnancy test with Hiro, which produced two dark lines. I knew at that point that I probably just had a chemical pregnancy since the same thing had already happened to me before. I saw Dr. Lee and he asked me to do a Beta HCG test and come back for his evening clinic. My Beta HCG came back at super low 17. This really broke my heart. Our IVF cycle was a failure. We asked if there was something wrong with my embryo but Dr. Lee said that it was a good quality embryo and that transferring one PGS-normal embryo only gives you a 50% chance of getting pregnant. He said that it happens and that we should try again.

At this point, I don’t know when we’re going back to Taichung for another cycle but we really want to take a break. I also know that I want Hiro to have a shoti or shobe but perhaps it’s not yet time for another baby. I met some couples while we were in Taichung and although our recent IVF journey wasn’t successful, I pray that everyone I met will have the babies that they have been praying for soon.

For now, I will cherish Hiro’s toddler years while we wait for God’s plan for us to unfold. Praying for a great 2019.

Photo by Mariam Soliman on Unsplash

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