How to lose weight without really trying?

Being overweight affects fertility due to hormonal changes inside the body. For women, being overweight lets your body (adipose tissue) produce more estrogen, which prevents regular ovulation. It also increases your chance of being insulin resistant. Having a high level of insulin in the blood can cause metabolic disturbances that also affect fertility.¹ 

For men, being overweight also decreases the sperm count, concentration, sperm motility (movement), and it also negatively affects the sperm morphology (shape). Overweight men tend to have a lower testosterone and a higher incidence of sexual dysfunction.² 

We are planning to have another round of IVF procedure by the end of the year. Even if we had a successful IVF, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we would have another successful one considering that we are now almost 36 and the decline of our fertility is accelerating.

One way to improve our chances is to improve our health. Being overweight (or obese on my part) is not a good way to start. We already have been thinking of baby number 2 since last year and thus I decided to go on a not so strict diet in order for me to lose weight.

I weighed around 207.4 last January and I now only weigh 186.2. I know I still have a long way to go but it’s definitely an improvement. I am no diet expert and compared to other diets, I only lose around 5 lbs a month. I have friends who lost that amount of weight in only a month but I feel that it’s extreme to lose that much in a very short span. I also don’t have the discipline to follow strict diets and I hate counting calories.

You can follow other ways of losing weight but this is what I did without me starving myself.

Bad Carbs are Bad!

I don’t eat rice, bread, regular softdrinks, noodles, sweets or anything with bad carbs in it. I eat meat and a lot of veggies. I eat until I’m full and I don’t count calories. I go to buffets, fast foods or even Chinese restaurants once in a while and it doesn’t affects my weight as long as I don’t eat rice, bread, and noodles. I also eat cheese, nuts or other low carb snacks whenever I’m hungry. I take diet soft drinks but I think I should minimize it because it’s not exactly healthy. If I crave for sweets, I eat keto approved cookies and baked goods. Sugar free chocolates are also my favorite. I add natural calorie free sweeteners if I need the sugar boost.

I also avoided fruits for the first month but I slowly introduced it back to my diet. The rule is to avoid eating food with high glycemic index. You can google for the list but If you hate overthinking your food, as long as it is sweet, avoid eating it.

There are good carbs and bad carbs. We shouldn’t avoid carbs as what some diets are espousing but we should pick the right carbs. Replace the rice and bread with vegetables (I like lettuce) and eat as much as you can. Don’t starve yourself.

I took these recommendation from South Beach Diet and a little from Keto Diet. Try reading South beach diet by Arthur Agatston.

Sleep is not for the Weak

From my experience, whenever I sleep late, I don’t lose as much so I try to sleep as early as possible. It’s a little hard on my part because our little Hiro wakes up really early but I feel that it significantly affects my weight.

Exercise to get Stronger

This is a bit puzzling to me. Whenever I go to the gym, I usually don’t lose weight the next day but after not exercising for 2 days, I will lose a pound. The only explanation I can think of is that I’m building muscles and if I’m not exercising, I lost some of it. I believe that exercise is good for your health and it should be a part of your diet plan. Just don’t do it too much because according to some articles I’ve read, it will stop you from losing weight. Your body will be in starvation mode and it will burn less calories which will slow down your weight loss.

I already tried several diets like fasting, grapefruit diet, after 7 diet, cabbage diet and other extreme diets. I also hired a trainer for several months in a local gym. I lost weight but it was short lived. I think one of the reasons I failed with the previous diets is that I felt deprived. They are not something I can do for very long thus I end up giving up and going back to my old routine. They are simply not sustainable.

I don’t know how long I can keep up with my current diet plan but as of now, I am happy to eat anything I want (except bad carbs). I still have 20 pounds more to go and I hope this will help us on our next IVF procedure. Now if only I can ask Sansan to do the same 🙂



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