Are we ready for baby number 2?

written by Sansan

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the things I want to share in this blog and have been doing some reading and it seems to me that just 5 months ago, I had just crossed a line that literally divides the young and old in IVF. Most, if not all, of the articles I’ve read about IVF tells you that if you’re 35 and above, you have higher risk of producing abnormal eggs, lower chances of implantation and should consider IVF if you’re only starting to try for a baby. I don’t know but I guess it’s making me a bit worried about my future pregnancy/ies.

We have decided that we want more than one child and that we would go to Taiwan again later this year. I know I’ve done it already and although it took a few times for us to try IVF, we were able to conceive Hiro. Having one successful IVF experience doesn’t guarantee that you will become successful in the next try. To be honest, I was hoping that we’d conceive naturally so I wouldn’t have to go through the entire process again but Hiro is about to turn a year old and it hasn’t happened yet. Hiro reaching his first year just means that our second baby has to happen soon. I’m hoping to update this blog and our Youtube vlog as well as we try again for another baby. I’m praying that it’s part of God’s plan for us to give Hiro a baby sister or brother.

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