Where to stay in Taichung?

written by Sansan

When I first emailed Lee Women’s Hospital, they replied and sent me a list of hotels where their foreign patients usually stay. We were fortunate enough to visit Lee Women’s Hospital with my in-laws a few months before we were to have our IVF cycle and my father in law asked around as to where the best place to stay is and Lai Lai Hotel was mentioned a lot.

A few months later, we found ourselves back in Taichung and we initially stayed in Lai Lai Hotel just to check it out. Unfortunately, only rooms with no windows were available, so we looked for other alternatives. There was an Airbnb apartment super near Lai Lai so we decided to book that and just stayed in Lai Lai for a couple days.

Lai Lai Hotel

What we like about it is how spacious their rooms are. It’s not a new hotel but it doesn’t feel old either. Another huge plus is that it’s right in front of the bus stop. You have to cross the road though if you’re going to Lee Women’s Hospital but going back to the hotel, you just get off in front of the hotel. Another plus is their breakfast buffet. You also won’t have to worry about laundry because they have washers and dryers that can be used by hotel guests free of charge. Last but not the least, you have access to the gym just next door. Too bad we didn’t get to work out but it’s nice that there’s an option to work out. Lai Lai is also about 10 minutes walk from a mall called Chungyo Department Store. I remember going to the mall almost everyday to eat. We quite like their foodcourt over there. Taichung Yizhong night market is also about 5 mins away by foot.


I noticed that there aren’t a whole lot of entire apartments in Taichung, unlike Taipei, where they are abundant. I wanted an apartment that has a kitchen/kitchenette but couldn’t find one within close proximity to the hospital. We did find one where we decided to stay but it didn’t have a kitchen, although it was just around the corner from Lai Lai Hotel and was pretty close to everything else around Lai Lai. Although it was nice and clean, we decided to stay elsewhere when we went back to Taichung for our Frozen Embryo Transfer cycle.


Cityinn Hotel Taichung

We really wanted to stay in Lai Lai for our FET cycle but there were fully booked on some of the days that we were supposed to be in Taichung so we had to look for another hotel. Although Cityinn was a little bit further away from the hospital, it’s actually right in the center of old Taichung and you can just walk to the train station for the hotel. It’s also about less than 5 minutes walk away from another mall called Taroko Mall, which was a plus for us. I honestly prefer Chungyo because the foodcourt over there is massive but Taroko is okay since it has a Starbucks and a Mcdonald’s lol. They also have washer and dryers, breakfast and what made us decide to stay there is because they have a microwave oven that can be used by guests. I know it’s not much but sometimes it’s enough. Haha, do you get what I mean?

There are a few more options in Taichung but it’s up to you really and what you need in a home away from home. If you don’t want to eat out all the time and you’re not fond of Taiwanese food, then I suggest that you find an Airbnb with a kitchen. Taichung’s buses are pretty efficient so I honestly think it’s not that big of a deal if you’re not staying within the near vicinity of the hospital. For Archie and I, although we prefer having a kitchen, we didn’t mind buying food outside too. It was also important for us to stay somewhere that provides breakfast so we didn’t have to worry about preparing of buying food ahead of time since we had to leave early daily for the hospital.


Update (10/16/2018):

Alices Hotel

I’ve heard about this hotel from previous blogs about Lee Women’s Hospital. It’s also part of their list of recommended hotels around the area. We never really paid much attention to it since it doesn’t have much reviews online but during my last visit to Taichung, I spoke with another Filipino couple who told me they were staying at Alices Hotel. It’s about 5 mins taxi/bus ride from the hospital and the cost is around Php2k per night, which is pretty cheap. That already includes breakfast. They also have washers and dryers in the hotel so you don’t need to worry about that.

3 thoughts on “Where to stay in Taichung?

  1. Hi! I just want to know the hospital expenses that you paid when you had IVF at Lee Women’s Hospital, including the PGS. Thank you very much.


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