Plastic vs. Sperm

The low quality and quantity of sperm is one of the problems a couple faces in their fight against infertility. When I had my sperm checked by doctors 8 years ago, my test showed that I also had this problem. I was surprised considering that my family had no history of infertility and I lived a normal lifestyle for someone who lives in Manila. Going through IVF, I also met a lot of couples who are battling infertility and found out that there are a lot of men who have this problem. I then realized that it is more widespread than I have previously imagined.

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Eating Cow Balls and other Weird Chinese Stuff for Fertility (Filipino Podcast)

In this episode, we discussed the different Chinese food and medicines my Chinese parents forced us to take in order to conceive. If you like what we’re doing, we would be more than happy if you can give us a thumbs up and subscribe to this podcast. You can also send us a message through our facebook fan page at πŸ™‚ Please click this … Continue reading Eating Cow Balls and other Weird Chinese Stuff for Fertility (Filipino Podcast)

Attack of the Measles (Filipino Podcast)

We talked about measles and how we feel about people who refuse to vaccinate their children. We did the podcast in a coffeeshop and we’re sorry for the bad audio. Please let me know what you think by sending us a message through our facebook fan page πŸ™‚ Please click this link for our podcast. You can also listen at Apple Podcast, Spotify or any … Continue reading Attack of the Measles (Filipino Podcast)

My Second FET Experience

I was asked to come to the hospital at 8AM on the day of my scheduled frozen embryo transfer. I wasn’t required to do any fasting since they will not be administering anesthesia for the transfer so that’s a relief. I paid for the procedure, had my ultrasound done, and I was told that my uterine lining was good. I noticed on the screen that it was 0.98mm, which is great since it had to be greater than 0.8mm for best results. I then had my injections, Crinone gel, other meds and was told I had to wait 30 minutes before having my blood test. After 30 minutes, I had my blood drawn and I waited for my turn. We must have been waiting around an hour before I was finally called. I was led to a room where I remember getting a massage during my very first FET but noticed that some of the tools for the FET were in that room. I think to myself, “Darn, I should’ve brought my phone huhu.”Β  Continue reading “My Second FET Experience”